Automated Alignment and Vowel Extraction with Manual Transcriptions

Upload your audio files with manual transcriptions to run forced alignment using ProsodyLab Aligner, followed by formant extraction with FAVE-extract.

Please be sure that your transcriptions are in plain text, with no special characters and preferably no punctuation, as described here. DARLA tries to handle these cases, but you will reduce the chance of errors if you clean up your files as described.

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Your .wav or .mp3 file:
Your uploaded files are stored temporarily on the Dartmouth servers in order to process your job, and deleted after.

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Manual transcription as a .txt file:
We recommend creating this file using Notepad or TextEdit (with smart replace turned off) or emacs or any other plaintext editor. Transcripts created by "rich text" editors like Word may contain markup that will interfere with your results.

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