Dartmouth Linguistic Automation

A suite of vowel formant extraction tools tailored to research questions in sociophonetics.

Semi-Automated Alignment and Extraction


Audio + Transcriptions → Formants

Similar to the FAVE pipeline (but using the Montreal Forced Aligner instead of FAVE-Align) with additional input and output options. Designed for research goals that require very accurate transcriptions.

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Completely Automated Vowel Extraction

Audio → Formants

This automated method is designed for "big data" research projects where a general vowel space is prioritized over word-level transcription accuracy.

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DARLA is designed and implemented by Sravana Reddy and James Stanford.

Our system makes use of automatic speech recognition using the CMU Sphinx, FAVE-Extract, Montreal Forced Aligner, and the R Vowels package to automate vowel analysis for sociophonetics.

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