Citing DARLA and its components

DARLA is designed and implemented by Sravana Reddy and James Stanford, and is supported by the Neukom Institute for Computational Science. We can be reached at Bed Word is designed by Marcus Ma under the advisory of Lelia Glass, Linguistics Coordinator at Georgia Tech. For questions about Bed Word, please email

Please cite us if you use DARLA in research publications.

Suggested in-text citation for DARLA: DARLA (Reddy & Stanford 2015), using the Montreal Forced Aligner (McAuliffe et al. 2017), FAVE-Extract (Rosenfelder et al. 2014), and the Vowels R package (Kendall & Thomas 2010).

Suggested in-text citation for Bed Word: Bed Word (Ma & Glass 2022).

Bibliographic entries:

In addition, if you use the NORM online interface for custom normalization and plotting of the vowel space, please also cite: