Automated Vowel Extraction with Pre-Specified Alignments

Upload your audio files with a word and phoneme aligned TextGrid to run formant extraction using FAVE-extract. (The word tier is ignored, so if you are correcting automatic alignments, you only need to correct the phone tier.)

Click here at any time to cancel or start over.

Upload a .wav or .mp3 file:
Longer recordings (of at least 2 minutes) are recommended. Your uploaded files are stored temporarily on the Dartmouth servers in order to process your job, and deleted after.

Manual alignment as a .TextGrid file:
Textgrid should contain a manually aligned or corrected phone tier as well as a word tier. The names of these tiers should include the strings "word" and "phone" as appropriate.

Filter out stop-words? Yes No
This is the list of stop-words we remove. (Link opens in a new tab.)

Filter out unstressed vowels? Yes No

Filter out vowels whose F1 or F2 bandwidths are over 300? Yes No

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